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Prepare for your job search

  • Go to the: UM Career Center early and often - the activities, people, and resources are there for you.
  • Write a: High-quality resume - use other ENSP resumes as guides to get started.
  • Register for: Careers4Terps - it's free! Check the left margin on the Career Center webpage to log in.
  • Conduct information interviews: This flyer from NIU describes a nuts'n'bolts approach to information interviews; this one from Cornell University expands on the questions you could ask. Information interviews are great way to gain career insights, including job-search strategies not included on this page. Start by contacting ENSP Alumni!
  • Visit the: Idealist Career Center - this online career center has information for career-changers, too.
  • Practice answering: possible interview questions.

Scour Jobs Boards

Federal Government

State & Local Government



Consulting Firms

GIS & Remote Sensing

Environmental and Outdoor Education

National Service

International & Overseas

Green Business, Energy, and Sustainability

All-purpose Databases

Post-graduate internships: An undergraduate degree is required and/or the positions are full-time and/or last for longer than a summer:.

Out-of-state, Adventures & Relocation: Also, look for the local (to you) offices of agencies listed above.