College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
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Transferring to Maryland

We're glad you're interested in ENSP @ UMD!

To prepare for a successful transition to UMD:

Vist the Pre-Transfer Advising Office at UMD.  This office specifically advises students who are interesting in transferring to UMD:

They offer walk-in advising for students who want to figure out what classes in ENSP will transfer over to UMD and what you should consder taking (depending on what you major in here at UMD).  They will also advise you on how the transfer process works in regards to applying and how the coursework will appear on your record.
It is best that you meet with the Pre-Transfer Advising Office for advising since that is their duty and area of expertise!  We want to make sure you are meeting with all the right people!

Other things to consider:

COMPLETE: Calculus and your basic sciences before coming to Maryland.

  • Most concentrations require MATH 120 ("Elementary Calculus," or "Calculus with Applications") but some will require MATH 140 ("Calculus I").  See the guide to Math sequences at Maryland to choose the appropriate course for your interests. 
  • Students considering science-oriented concentrations should complete BSCI 160/161 and 170/171; CHEM 131/132 and 231/232; and Calculus I and II (MATH140 and 141).  They should also consider GEOG 201/211 or GEOL 100/110.
  • Students considering policy-oriented concentrations should complete BSCI 160/161, GEOG 201/211 and MATH120.
  • Policy students should also explore entry-level courses related to their concentration, e.g., ANTH, ECON, GEOG, GVPT, SOCY, etc.

EXPLORE:  Areas of concentration and related careers.

  • Then get involved in clubs, volunteer activities, part-time jobs, or internships related to these interests. Practical experience is an important part of learning.

CHECK:  "FAQ's" for Transfer Students for answers to common questions and apply to Maryland as soon as you're ready. We look forward to meeting you!

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