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ENSP Benchmark Requirements

Success in Benchmark courses is an important indicator of your potential to be successful and happy in this major.  Most students who work hard and take advantage of help sources when needed, can be successful -- be sure you are one of them!  



By the end of Term 2 (second semester) in ENSP, an ENSP major would need to complete the following with a C- or higher:

All ENSP Concentrations                                 

_____ ENSP101 or ____ ENSP 102

_____ MATH 120 or 130 or 140 (see Math Tracks here).

And two of:

_____ AREC240 or ____AREC241 or ____ ECON200

_____ BSCI 160/161

_____ CHEM 131/132

_____ ENSP Earth Science with lab


By the end of Term 4, an ENSP major would need to complete the benchmarks above and the following with a C- or higher:

All ENSP Concentrations

_____ ENSP101 and ENSP102

_____ Two ENSP Core Lab Sciences

In addition: 
“Policy-oriented” concentrations:
Culture and Environment, Environmental
Economics, Land Use; Environmental
Politics & Policy; orSociety & Environmental Issues.

_____ ECON201 (if required by the concentration)

_____ Statistics

_____ 6 credits in their prospective concentration

“Science-oriented” concentrations:
Environment and Agriculture; Environmental
Geosciences and Restoration; Global
Environmental Change; Marine & Coastal
Management; or Soil, Water, & Land Resources
must complete three of:
_____ MATH 121/131/ 141 or appropriate Earth Science

_____ CHEM 231/232 or appropriate Earth Science course

 _____PHYS 121 or PHYS161/174 or appropriate Life Science course

Wildlife Ecology and Management and
Biodiversity and Conservation Biology

must complete three of:

_____ CHEM 231/232

_____ BSCI 222

_____ PHYS 121 (Wildlife only)

_____ MATH131 or MATH141 (Biodiversity only)

Always refer to the advising checklists for your specific concentration as requirements do differ  between them!

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