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The job search

  • Employers value the skills and perspectives gained from undergraduate internships, part-time jobs, clubs, and activities.  Take advantage of as many opportunities as you can, while not sacrificing the quality of your schoolwork.
  • Students who don't gain undergraduate experience often find themselves in post-graduate internships. Others may purposefully seek post-graduate internships because they allow for continued career exploration.   
  • Whatever you do, try to relax about your first job. It is only your first job -- not a position-for-life. You will likely be there 1-3 years. This is a great time to explore "life in the real world," gain perspective on your academic and career interests, and get ready for next steps. As long as you enjoy what you are doing, you will work hard and do well; and good things flow from there!

Start searching 3-4 months in advance

Work experience enhances a professional school application.

  • Professional schools value the maturity that comes from real-world experience. Therefore -- unless you know exactly what you want to do and a post-graduate education is necessary immediately, consider taking a few years off before heading to professional school.
  • Work experience helps you clarify your academic and professional goals; and will help you make better choices about your program. "Matching" your interests with that of the professional school is much more important now than it was as an undergraduate.
  • Start exploring professional schools 12-15 months in advance of your planned enrollment.


 Law school v. Public policy



Scour jobs boards like these below:

Federal Government


State & Local Government








Consulting Firms


GIS & Remote Sensing

Environmental and Outdoor Education

National Service


International & Overseas


Green Business, Energy, and Sustainability

All-purpose Databases

Out-of-state, Adventures & Relocation: Also, look for the local (to you) offices of agencies listed above.



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