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Dr. Joe Sullivan, Interim Director

Dr. Sullivan is a professor in the Department of Plant Sciences and Landscape Architecture (PSLA) whose research interests center on the responses of plants to environmental stress - both natural and anthropogenic. He investigates the physiological mechanisms that enable plants to exist in a wide range of environmental conditions and how human activities such as stratospheric ozone depletion, global climate change or urbanization may impact plant, agricultural or ecosystem productivity or ecosystem structure and functioning.

Dr. Sullivan came by his love of plants and environmental science growing up in South Carolina, where he constantly found himself exploring the woods, backpacking or day-hiking.  During summers he worked as a camp counselor and frequently led his charges through Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina, where he now maintains a research site.  In fact, many ENSP students first meet Dr. Sullivan in PLSC471 - Forest Ecology, which he teaches in the spring.  Dr. Sullivan received his A.B. in Biology from Erskine College; an M.S. in Biology from Western Carolina University; and a Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from Clemson University.

As the new ENSP Director, Dr. Sullivan is most excited to work with all ENSP students and help them reach their goals, which he believes is to “make a difference for the Earth.”  You can learn more about Dr. Sullivan on his departmental webpage, and you can reach him by e-mailing: jsull [at]


Ms. Angela Mazur-Gray, Assistant Director

Angela joins the Environmental Science and Policy Program after serving 5 years with the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources as Coordinator for Undergraduate Programs.   She has familiarity with undergraduate advising, academic policy, workshop facilitation, educational programming, and a passion for fostering student development and engagement.

In ENSP, Angela primarily helps first- and second-year ENSP students explore and declare a concentration; she assists third- and fourth-year ENSP students with general advising issues while preparing them for internships and other professional development opportunities.  She also handles some of the academic administration in ENSP and maintains the website.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, she earned her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in 2010 and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Pittsburgh.

Angela’s appreciation for the environment has run strong throughout most of her life; from biking and discovering the backwoods of Western PA at a young age to exploring the large tropic rainforests of the Yungas area during a college study abroad trip in Bolivia, these experiences have shaped the way she views the world and is most excited to help ENSP students find their passions in this field.  In her spare time, you can find Angela hiking nearby trails, travelling, browsing local farmers markets, exploring the abundance of museums, restaurants and coffee shops in D.C., and planning her next National Parks vacation (Zion is still her favorite!)  Feel free to reach out to Angela via email at abm13 [at]  You may also schedule an advising appointment by clicking HERE.


Ms. Joanna Goger, Senior Lecturer

Ms. Goger is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Science & Policy (ENSP). She teaches ENSP 102 - Introduction to Environmental Policy, ENSP 330 - Introduction to Environmental Law, and ENSP400 - Capstone in Environmental Science and Policy.

Ms. Goger received her B.A. in History from Duke University and her J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law, where she concentrated in Environmental Law and was an articles editor of the Maryland Law Review. After graduating from law school, Ms. Goger clerked for U.S. District Judge Frederic N. Smalkin and went on to serve as a trial attorney in the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. While there, she litigated cases involving the Florida Everglades and the Klamath River Basin in Oregon, which provide interesting case studies in her courses.

In addition to teaching in ENSP, Ms. Goger has also taught a Biodiversity Protection seminar at the University of Maryland School of Law, and regularly advises ENSP Honors students whose topics involve environmental law.

Ms. Goger’s appreciation for the environment grows out of her love for the diverse environmental resources of the state of Maryland. She grew up hiking and camping near Frederick and now enjoys exploring the Severn River and Chesapeake Bay with her husband and three young children. You may contact Ms. Goger by e-mail at jgoger [at], by calling 301.405.4104, or by leaving a message in the ENSP office.


Dr. Jennifer Murrow, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Jennifer Murrow is a senior lecturer in Environmental Sciences and Policy. A wildlife biologist by training, Dr. Murrow’s primary research interests focus on wildlife habitat use and modeling and demographic analysis as it applies to population viability on the landscape. As such, her research interests have led to a specialty in GIS applications for wildlife species.

Dr. Murrow advises ENSP-Wildlife Ecology and Management students, and teaches a number of courses, including ENST 460 - Principles of Wildlife Management, 461 - Urban Wildlife Management, and 462 - Techniques in Wildlife Management. Dr. Murrow received her B.S. in Wildlife Science from Clemson University, and both her M.S. in Wildlife Ecology and Ph.D. in Natural Resources from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

In her spare time, she enjoys venturing to the southern Appalachians to hike, kayak, and mountain bike. You can reach Dr. Murrow by calling 301.405.1178 or e-mailing wildlife [at]

Dr. Wendy Whittemore, Volunteer

Formerly the Associate Director of Environmental Science and Policy, Dr. Whittemore retired in June 2016.  Because she thoroughly enjoyed working with ENSP students and staff, however, she volunteers once a week to help out behind the scenes. She will be available during the academic year to help students develop resumes and seek out professional development opportunities.

Dr. Whittemore's love of the environment grew out of youthful exploits in the fields and forests of central Massachusetts and on the waters off southern Maine. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cheering for UMD student athletes, and visiting US national parks.  It's easiest to reach Dr. Whittemore by e-mailing: wwhitte [at] or by calling 301.405.8571.

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