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Biodiversity and Conservation Biology (BSCI)

Biodiversity is defined at three levels: genetic diversity (the variety of genetic information contained in all organisms); species diversity (the variety of different living species); and ecosystem diversity (the variety of habitats, the species that live in the habitat, and ecological processes).  Biodiversity is invaluable to the process of evolution since it represents the pool of resources from which evolution can select; it is the key to adaptation to changes, since the greater the biodiversity, the more resilient an ecosystem will be following natural disasters or human intrusions. This concentration provides a background in the biological principles that influence the diversity of life, especially those that create and those that reduce diversity.

The Biological Sciences majors in the College of Computer, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences (CMNS) are Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP). Students wishing to declare Biodiversity, which is housed in the College of CMNS, will need to conform to LEP application and review procedures. We'll discuss your questions during advising.



Dr. Sara Lombardi
2237 Bio-Psych Building
Please e-mail Dr. Lombardi and suggest 2-3 different days/times that work for you, so she can e-mail back to confirm one of them.  Thanks!


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