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Environmental Science & Policy


A minor Environmental Science and Policy is not available; however, non-ENSP students may be interested in the Sustainability Studies Minor, which is closely related to but not the same as "science" or "policy."  The Sustainability Studies Minor is co-sponsored by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the School of Public Policy.  

Please note:  Any major can prepare you for an environment- or sustainability-related career, with appropriate supporting courses and practical experience (internships):

Your Major + (Supporting Courses or Minor) + Internships ==> Environmental Careers

To prepare for an environment- or sustainability-oriented career...

1. Develop your knowledge base:

2.  Choose "supporting courses," including 15+ credits of meaningfully-related courses, including 9 upper-level courses that support your interests.

  • You can list supporting courses under your degree information as "Supporting courses include: (course titles here)."  Be sure you can talk in detail about what you learned in job interviews!

3. Acquire experience:

  • Practical experience is much more important to your career than your major, per se.  Take any and all opportunities to participate in related campus clubs, accumulate volunteer experience and complete internships.
  • Most students are better served by adding internships than by adding a second major, since completing a second major often limits the time needed for experience and taking supporting courses.
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