Graduate school

Graduate School allows a student to apply greater depth of knowledge to a particular field while creating additional opportunities for professional and career development.  Below are some resources that gives an overview of the application process and the benefits of pursuing this level of education.

Graduate School Resources

Work experience enhances a graduate school application.

  • Graduate schools value the maturity that comes from real-world experience. Therefore -- unless you know exactly what you want to do and a post-graduate education is necessary immediately (e.g., law school or scholarly research) -- consider taking a few years off before heading to graduate school.
  • Work experience helps you clarify your academic and professional goals; and will help you make better choices about your graduate program. "Matching" your interests with that of prospective faculty is much more important in graduate school than it was as an undergraduate.
  • Start exploring graduate programs 12-15 months in advance of your planned enrollment.

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