Resumes & Cover letters

Successful job applications include a high-quality, error-free resume. The thinking goes: if you are not taking care with your resume, then what's to say you will take care with your work?
Include a carefully-prepared cover letter that addresses the requirements of the internship and your unique qualifications for it, including your long-term goals, and personal interests.  Apply during early college career for less selective (often unpaid) internships to build the expertise necessary to qualify for more advanced (well-paid) internships later on. Do not spend time applying for internships you are clearly not ready for -- but do keep the information on file for next year's round of applications!  

Resume resources

  • RESUME GUIDE AND TEMPLATE - created by Angela  :)  This can be used as a starting point for general guidelines and formatting, including what to include and how to list them
  • Resume samples - from the UMD Career Center
  • How to Build a CV - how to successfully represent yourself, from
  • The Muse also has a great resume template.

Cover letter resources

Other job application resources