Why Study Abroad?

From the UMD Education Abroad Office -

"Study abroad is your opportunity to challenge yourself and broaden your academic and professional experiences. In addition to strengthening any resume in today's globalizing workforce, many study abroad programs are designed to advance students of specific disciplines through innovative approaches to learning such as community engagement, hands on research, and international collaboration. Whether you are an emerging entrepreneur, scientist, educator, or academic, study abroad will provide you with the skills and experience you need to reach your goals."

Still not convinced?  Here's what some of our ENSP alums have to say about their experiences abroad!

"I did the semester-long program studying Sustainable Development in Northern Europe. This particular program was focused on experiential learning in a way that I had never experienced at UMD. When studying renewable energy in Denmark, I got to climb a wind turbine and see how it worked. When studying waste management, I got to go to a waste incineration plant and a recycling facility. When studying Danish politics, I got to visit the Danish parliament. Learning in this way was not only engaging, but really demonstrated how lessons taught in the classroom are applicable in the real world. Copenhagen is also such an interesting and unique city and an amazing place to live. I could not have had a better experience."        

"I studied abroad during a winter term through the Geography department. We traveled to the Southern Caribbean on a tall ship. It single-handedly affected my career choice more so than any other aspect at UMD."

"I studied abroad in Madrid, Spain. It was a unique, exciting experience to learn about a new culture and country. I would recommend everyone to do it. I learned a lot about myself and how to handle new and difficult situations."

"I went to Copenhagen through DIS. It was the most impactful experience I had at Maryland for my career and my life."

"I traveled to Florence, Italy. I ended up getting to count one or two classes toward my ENSP major... If I hadn't come in with AP credits I wouldn't have been able to study abroad, because [my double] majors had no overlap. I'm really grateful I was able to and had a great experience. In addition to classes, it was great to see how another culture approached the day-to-day environmental issues and behaviors (their recycling system, car use vs bikes and transit, etc)."

"I went to Tanzania with the School for Field Studies. It was basically four months of being on safari and learning how to study wildlife. It was the most amazing experience, I'd recommend it to anyone, and I'd go again in a heartbeat"