How to find an internship

FIRST: read "Find an Internship" by the University Career Center and ENSP's "Applying for Internships" guide, specifically designed for students who are new to the internship search process.

NEXT: take an active role

  • Begin thinking about what you would like to do early in your academic career.
  • Explore our ENSP internship pages thoroughly (see menu to the left). These are the "permanent" links to hundreds of local organizations and employers.
  • Explore the ENSP Advising Blog -- it features current internship postings from the weekly ENSP Advising newsletter in a searchable format!
  • Ask profs and TAs, listen for in-class announcements, and act quickly!
  • Attend events and programming sponsored by the University Career Center
  • Check the Office of Sustainability's Internship and Opportunities webpage
  • Consider approaching environmental organizations directly; most would welcome motivated interns!
  • Check the ENSP webpages for guidance regarding resumes and cover letters.
  • Apply for several internships (10+ is not unusual).  
  • Use a folder and develop a checklist to organize your search.
  • Submit an internship proposal in advance if you plan to earn credit for your internship.

And remember...

Non-credit and volunteer experience gained during freshman and sophomore years go a long way towards improving your qualifications for selective (and paid) internships later on.

Whether gained by volunteering, clubs, internships, and/or researching -- all experience contributes to your professional development, helps determine what you enjoy doing, and makes classwork that much more interesting!