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Policy/Government Relations Networking Resources and Job Boards

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National Networking Resources and Job Boards

Your Own Personal Networks

Remember the power of connections and the many resources available to you through your academic affiliations and other groups of which you are a part.

Informational Interviews

Sometimes the best advice and information about careers can be found from those who are currently working in the field!  An informational interview is an informal conversation with someone who is working in an area that interests you that can give you a "day in the life" perspective and share information about that particular field. It's not a job interview, nor are you expected to find job openings - you're basically chatting with a working professional about their career! Read some tips HERE.  You can also ask family members, friends or faculty members for their advice and "connections"

College/University Resources

  • The career counseling center can help you find contacts of alumni who work in fields or for organizations of interest.
  • Many academic institutions run alumni groups around the world or have affiliated Facebook or LinkedIn groups where alumni share job postings.
  • Ask your professors about job boards/job search resources they recommend or newsletters/listservs to which they subscribe that may help expand your knowledge and introduce you to relevant communities of interest.
  • Contact recent ENSP alumni in fields that you wish to explore. Remember that "real world time" is slower than "student time," so be patient in waiting for a response.  Also, be sure to include your concentration and graduation year in your message, so they can better target their response.
  • If you have not had sufficient prior experience, or are still exploring your options, refer to the ENSP Blog and ENSP Alumni Blog for current job/internship opportunities.


  • Conservation and environmental sciences professionals know the power of partnerships and are often open to sharing knowledge and advice with like-minded peers. You're often one connection away from colleagues in your dream role, so consider reaching out for introductions and informational interviews.