The organizations below are listed by "theme" to help you organize your search, not to define the organizations. Review the "About Us," "Mission," or "What We Do" pages within each organization's site to learn about the full range of its interests and activities.  Visit their "Jobs" or "Careers" pages to see if they have any available internship or volunteer opportunities.

Many ENSP students also benefit from participating in the UMD Federal and Global Fellows Programs, which combines a fall seminar course and a spring internship opportunity in areas ranging from public health, science diplomacy, and energy and environmental policy.

As always, make sure you check the ENSP Advising Blog for current opportunities!

Agriculture and Plant Sciences


Energy & Sustainability

Environmental Education

Geology and Soil Sciences

Government & Politics - Federal, State, Local


Land Conservation & Planning

Marine & Coastal Management

Natural Resources, Biodiversity, Conservation and Wildlife

Science Policy & Science Writing

Lots more!

  • BSOS blogs: ANTH, GEOG, GVPT, ECON websites for ENSP-related internships!
  • Careers4Terps - a database of jobs, part-time jobs, and internships; maintained by the University Career Center.
  • - a national database of service-oriented internships; you can search by state, ZIPCODE, interest area, etc.
  • - a national database of national parks opportunities; search for an area of interest or do a geographic search to travel!
  • USA Jobs - Pathways - for students and recent grads looking for internships in the federal government.


Finding an internship near home (or far away!) is do-able when you begin preparing over Winter and Spring Breaks, e.g.,

  • Prepare a resume
  • Think about what kind of experience you want: inside/office work? outside/field work? science or library research? environmental education?
  • Talk to family and friends who may have suggestions, connections, or ideas

Explore search engines:

Generate your own list of possible sites:

  • Explore the websites of nearby colleges and universities -- especially career center pages or departmental websites (Biology; Government and Politics; Geography; Environmental Science, etc.)
  • Visit the websites of local environmental organizations and/or government offices.
  • Don't be afraid to approach organizations directly.  Be able to explain why their organization is of interest to you, e.g., you are an Environmental Science and Policy major interested in learning more about _______________ (fill in the blank) or developing your knowledge and skills in ______________ (fill in the blank).  Ask if they have projects that you could work on and/or whether they would be open to having an intern.

Or try these possibilities (organized: north --> south --> Chicago --> west):

Multicultural Experiences

Multi-cultural students bring diverse approaches and contributions to environmental science and policy.  Take advantage of opportunities that encourage and support you as you explore your place in this dynamic career field!

Career Discovery Internships - US Fish and Wildlife Service

The Student Conservation Association (SCA) has partnered with the US Fish and Wildlife Service to provide over 50 summer Career Discovery Internships for first- and second-year students from culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds.  Internships take place in US FWS field stations from Alaska to Alabama to Maine; and include positions in natural resources management, visitor services, and refuge management. Internships range from 10-12 weeks over the summer months; and are a great way to explore a career in the US FWS. 

Mosaics in Science Internships - National Park Service

The Mosaics in Science Internship program, developed by the US National Park Service (NPS) in partnership with the Geological Society of America (GSA), aims to increase the diversity among those who seek STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers within the National Park Service.  The Mosaics in Science program offers 26 students paid, short-term STEM positions in some of the most beautiful natural areas in the world—National Park Service sites throughout the United States of America.  Selected participants will spend 11 weeks working on a park STEM project and, after completing their projects, will travel to Washington, DC, to participate in a career workshop that provides opportunities to present their work and meet with various members of NPS staff and management.

Doris Duke Conservation Scholars

The Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program is an 8-week, two-summer experience immersing students in the practice of inclusive conservation.  Conservation Scholars have all travel, food and lodging paid during their 8-week summer program, and will receive a weekly stipend of $500.

Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS)

The APAICS Summer Internship Program is an eight-week program that provides select undergraduate students the opportunity to work in Washington, DC and experience American politics and public policy. APAICS interns are placed in U.S. Congressional offices, federal agencies, or partner Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) non-profit organizations. The program develops leadership and professional skills, encourages political and civic engagement, and fosters a strong interest in public service careers.  APAICS Summer Internship Program provides a stipend of $2,000.   Application deadline: January 30, 2017.

HACU - Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

Bienvenido and welcome! Thank you for taking the first step towards joining the thousands of other individuals who have participated in the HACU National Internship Program (HNIP). Our nation's economic and social success rests on the level of skills and knowledge attained by Hispanics, now the nation's largest minority population. Education is indisputably the key.  Our program's mantra is "Opening Doors of Opportunity," because we want HNIP to be the avenue through which you can grow, both personally and professionally.  Internship placements include the National Park Service.

RESESS - Research Experiences for Students in Solid Earth Sciences

The RESESS Internship is a multi-summer research experience located in Boulder, CO, that is dedicated to increasing diversity in the geosciences. RESESS encourages applications from individuals who are members of a group that is historically under-represented in the Earth or environmental sciences, and from students who can demonstrate experience working towards raising awareness about the importance of the geosciences among broad or diverse segments of the population. RESESS is largely funded by the NSF, but (unlike the REUs) can be a multi-summer experience beginning as early as sophomore year summer. Approximately 15 students participate each summer. Students majoring in geology, physical geography, or closely related topics are encouraged to apply. Selected students receive:

  • Salary for eleven weeks
  • Round-trip airfare to Boulder, CO (the program's location)
  • A shared furnished apartment at no cost
  • A research experience in the geosciences/physics of the Earth/geomorphology/etc.
  • A writing course with training in presentation skills
  • Participation in a national science meeting
  • Scholarship money during the school year

The application deadline is February 1 -- Go here for more information and to apply!