Environmental Justice 

Environmental Justice  

tomatoesAddressing environmental burdens impacting the public health of disadvantaged communities has been the primary focus of the environmental justice movement, with the end goal being the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of these communities in the development of policies and decisions that affect them. While environmental justice considers the protection of these communities from health hazards, it also addresses disparities in “goods” such as access to green spaces, healthy food, and infrastructure needs. This concentration provides students with the tools needed to understand why these environmental disparities exist, and to work at the intersection of social justice, policy, environmental science, and public health to address them.

This concentration is sponsored by the Department of Global, Environmental and Occupational Health within the School of Public Health. 

DEGREE REQUIREMENTS - Environmental Justice (pdf.) 

Advising and Registration

Students interested in declaring Environmental Justice as their concentration within the Environmental Science and Policy major should contact Angela Mazur Gray (