Graduation plans

GRADUATION PLANS are required by the University - before declaring or changing your major or concentration - to ensure that you make continuous progress towards your degree.  Graduation plans help you make the most of your undergraduate education by accounting for your requirements and by serving as a guide through your academic career. Your plan will likely change, but by planning ahead for study abroad, internships, part-time jobs, and campus activities, you will have a better idea of what your future looks like in ENSP.

Approaching 40 credits?  ENSP students with more than 40 credits completed must complete a graduation plan for their intended concentration and submit it to Angela prior to pre-registration advising.

Unsure of what concentration is right for you?  Click HERE for some guidance!

How to create a graduation plan:

Step-by-step infographic on this process can be found HERE.

1.  GET YOUR DOCUMENTS TOGETHER.  I recommend printing all documents out so you can write directly on them! 

2.  CHECK OFF THE COURSES YOU HAVE COMPLETED using the Degree Requirements sheet for your intended concentration and your unofficial transcript.

3.  WRITE YOUR REMAINING COURSES into your BLANK graduation plan template

  • This includes your General Education classes (Diversity, I-Series, Professional Writing, etc.) and all remaining courses for ENSP.  Remember to account for internships, study abroad and other activities.  You need 120 credits to graduate (no more than 60 from a community college).
  • Tip:  Instead of choosing specific Restricted Elective courses, just write "Restricted Elective #1", "Restricted Elective #2", etc.  This makes things easier to track, and less stressful for you!


  • Are your course loads reasonable, given your abilities, the number of lab courses required any part-time jobs, commutes, or other considerations.  Have you planned for study abroad, internships...? 

6.  EMAIL your plan to Ms. Angela Mazur-Gray (, who will review your plan and suggest any changes.  Once approved, you will be declared into your concentration!

What happens next?


  • You have either completed your requirements -or- have plans to complete them.
  • Your plans accommodate your academic interests and abilities.
  • Courses are listed in the proper semester order.

AFTER YOUR GRADUATION PLAN IS APPROVED:  you will receive a copy of it by e-mail and you will be formally declared into your concentration. You are responsible for understanding any changes made to your plan, so please read your "Declaration Message" carefully. Your new advisor should also receive a copy of your plan.

Do you want to change your ENSP concentration?  If so, create a new graduation plan for your new concentration following the steps above.  Send it to Angela Mazur-Gray for review.  Once approved, your concentration can be changed.

Frequenty Asked Questions

I transferred in 30 AP credits!  So does that mean I have to declare my concentration during the second semester of my Freshmen year?  

  • Nope, students with many AP credits may have until spring of sophomore year to declare a concentration if they wish.

Can I make changes to my plan after it's been approved?

  • Of course, students may make changes to their approved plan; however, it is the student's responsibility to be aware of and meet remaining graduation requirements.

Even though I have a new Advising College, am I still a part of ENSP?  What will by diploma say?

  • YES! Declared students will continue to receive ENSP advising messages; and ENSP program staff remains available to you as consultants, though most final decisions regarding requirements will rest with your new department and college.   You will graduate from your new department and college with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy: Concentration in __________.

Still have questions?