Permission to Enroll Elsewhere

Students are expected to gain permission in advance if they plan to enroll in another institution, e.g., during summer term or winter term. Not to do so puts you at risk that the course(s) you take may not fill the requirements you had intended.  

To gain permission, you must submit a Permission to Enroll (PTE) form
But first...

1. Discuss with your advisor the course(s) you wish to take elsewhere.

2. To preserve flexibility, consider several courses so you can choose the course(s) that best match your time constraints. The Permission to Enroll form doesn't obligate you to take the course(s); it only guarantees that the course(s) you take will be accepted once they transfer back. Also, some schools will not let you register until you have a Permission to Enroll form in-hand.

3. Review Transfer Credit Equivalencies to verify that the course(s) you wish to take is(are) transferable.  Be careful to note any "expiration dates" or other notes that may indicate limitations on what does/doesn't transfer.

4. If the course is not listed, you will need to attach a course description to the Permission to Enroll Form.  These are usually available on the other college's website.

5. SUBMIT THE PTE FORM.  Follow the procedure outlined by your College:

After you have received your grades, ask the Records and Registration Office at the other school to send an official transcript to: Transfer Credit Services, c/o Registrar's Office, 1113 Mitchell Bldg., University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742.