Repeat Policy - Things to Know and Do

Please KNOW:

The freshman/transfer "grace period" allows students to earn the HIGHER grade in their GPA when they repeat and do well in a course takenfor the first time...

  • within the first semester at UM - or -
  • within the student's first 24 credit hours attempted (including AP and transfer credits).
  • both grades, however, will remain on your transcript, although only the higher grade will "count" in your GPA.

If you earned a D or F last semester, and you are a freshman or first semester transfer student, consider repeating the course as soon as possible.

DON’T, however, repeat a course unless you are ready to earn at least TWO GRADES higher, e.g., improve from an F to C, or a D to B.  Improving your grade only one level, e.g., from an F to D will not make a big enough “dent” in your GPA to be worth the time spent.

  • Recognize that “mathematical” changes in your GPA can only take place when “real” changes (like improved study time, accessing university support systems, etc.) precede them. Refer to the ENSP Study Skills to learn more.


  • You may repeat a course only ONCE (the second repeat requires an Exception to Policy)
  • You may repeat only 18 credits (for example:  6 courses repeated once = 18 repeated credits; or 3 courses each repeated twice  = 18 repeated credits. 
  • If you have more than one course needing a repeat, choose the one(s) in your major, first.

Please DO:

  • Plan to meet with me this as soon as possible. Send 2-3 different days/times that are good for you to meet, so I can confirm one of them.
  • Think about what caused your difficulties, so we can talk about them in advising and find solutions.
  • Use campus resources. Campus offices are open during the break -- but call ahead to be sure the relevant staff members are available and not at orientation or away on vacation.
  • Relax, consider your academic goals and interests, and come back ready to do a better job next semester.

Consider registering for EDCP 108B:

  • The Study Strategies course can be taken for credit (as EDCP 108B) or as a non-credit workshop.
  • It is also available as EDCP108B in the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • If study skills are not the issue, but exploring other majors is, consider EDCP108C.