Advising Appointments

IMPORTANT: Please click HERE for information on how advising will be handled during the Fall 2020 semester.

For ENSP students who are "Undeclared" (have NOT declared their concentration):

All new ENSP students enter as ENSP-Undeclared through the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, where they are guided through an exploratory advising process.  In their advising meetings, students will learn what it takes to become a successful student; encouraged to learn about and use campus resources, clubs, and activities; explore the various areas of concentration; discuss possible internships and study abroad; and plan for the nuts and bolts of their degree requirements.   

To prepare for your advising appointment:

  • Prepare to give me updates on your classes.  I will want to know how you are doing in each class, which of them you like the best, etc.
  • Check Benchmark requirements and assess where you are in the process of completing them.
  • Develop a list of 5-7 possible classes to take. 
  • Please review the various areas of concentration, their requirements, and related careers.  Think about what you like/don’t like about each concentration.  You can access information about our concentrations on the ENSP webpage.
  • Bring any questions you may have about Study Abroad, internships, Minors, or anything else!

To make an advising appointment as an ENSP "Undeclared" student, visit:

For students who HAVE declared their ENSP concentration: 

Once students declare their area of concentration, they are mentored and advised by a faculty member (or team of faculty and staff) from their concentration's sponsoring department (GEOG, ANTH, GVPT, etc).  These individuals are experts in their disciplines, who teach one or more of their classes, and grade their internship experiences.   By combining a strong program office with enthusiastic faculty advising, we hope to foster a "small college" atmosphere on a Research I university campus.


We understand that unexpected academic obligations, work commitments or illnesses can affect your schedule. However, please notify your faculty advisor or Ms. Angela Mazur-Gray of any changes to your scheduled appointments as early as possible. There is a high demand for appointments so your cancellation will allow us to offer your time slot to another student, if cancelled in a timely manner. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do so by following the link listed towards the bottom of your appointment confirmation e-mail as soon as possible. If you do not cancel the appointment and do not show up, it will be recorded as a “no show”. Keep in mind that failure to show up for your mandatory advising appointment will result in a block on your account, which will make you unable to register for next semester’s classes