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Financial aid and scholarships

The UM Student Financial Aid Office, Lee Building (first floor), offers more than just money. The Financial Literacy webpages and associated links are excellent.

ENSP scholarships

  • The Gebel Scholarship - awarded to qualified ENSP students at mid-year, this can cover the cost of textbooks.  Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence and financial need.  Details to be posted in the ENSP Advising News.
  • The Green Scholarship - awarded to qualified upper-level ENSP students at mid-year. Applicants must demonstrate academic excellence, an already long-term commitment to environmental science and policy, and the potential for a conservation career that bridges the gap between sceince and policy.  Details to be posted in the ENSP Advising News.
  • Information about scholarships awarded by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is here.

National scholarships

Some national scholarships emphasize practical experience or personal background. Others are academically selective and require 3.5+ GPA's and substantial research or extracurricular experience. Go to the National Scholarships Office, 2403 Marie Mount Hall, ASAP to research the opportunities and prepare to qualify.  Two awards closely related to ENSP are:

However, there are hundreds of other scholarships available for qualified students; and the National Scholarships Office webpage is a good place to start exploring.

You may also use the Open Education Database to find information about Financial Aid and Scholarships.

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