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Environment and Agriculture (PSLA)

Both locally and internationally, there is increasing concern about how humans manage soils, use water, raise animals, and modify the genetic base of crops. This concentration prepares students to work in agroecology, biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, integrated pest management, and production science.  Students will be able to take an ecosystems approach in analyzing the relationship between agricultural science and social science through a local and global lens. Environment and Agriculture is also a fitting concentration for those interested in food security or food systems, and for those wishing to work with national and international governments, non-profits, and non-governmental organizations.
These requirements are for those following the General Education program and are declaring Fall 2016 and beyond - most of you fall into this category!

Dr. Bill Phillips
2131 Plant Sciences Building
For appointments:  Please e-mail Dr. Phillips at billii [at] and suggest 2-3 different days/times that work for you, so he can e-mail back to confirm one of them.  Be sure to come prepared!  Thanks!
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