Dismissal - Things to Know & Do

Please KNOW:

  • Academic Dismissal letters are computer-generated "decisions" based upon your GPA and credits attempted. Period.
  • You must appeal the decision in writing to get a human-generated review of your situation.
  • You will receive an e-mail from the University notifying you if you have been Academically Dismissed.

Please DO:

  • Read the e-mailed instructions carefully, and follow the directions given.
  • Do not rush your appeal. Your appeal is not due until (see e-mailed instructions).
  • Contact Angela if you want to talk about this process and your plan going forward:
  • I will check regularly for messages re: Probation and Dismissal advising.
  • Be patient; a “rushed, early appeal” is less effective than a “thoughtful, on-time appeal.”

There are two parts to a successful appeal:

  • a thorough explanation of what happened and how it specifically affected your academic work. Be concrete and give details. Your file will be confidential and is held separately from your advising file, so be open about hard-to-discuss issues. No one other than the re-instatement committee will know what you have told them; and this file is kept separately from your advising file.
  • a concrete explanation of what you are going to do about your situation. If you are seeking professional assistance, give names/contact information of your helpers; if you are trying to re-balance work and study strategies, explain how your course load will change, what your new work schedule is, and include a study schedule. Refer to the study skills and success strategies webpage for ideas.
  • Additionally, remember that you are writing to faculty members – so check for proper spelling, appropriate formality, and logic.

Plan to register for EDCP 108B:

  • The Study Strategies course can be taken for credit (as EDCP 108B) or as a non-credit workshop. The instructors are excellent.
  • Further information can be found at the Learning Assistance Service (LAS) webpage or by calling 301-314-7693.

Many times, this uncomfortable process is the first step towards a “new and happier” you!

Accordingly, I invite you to meet with me either before and/or after you turn in your petition. You are smart enough to be admitted to Maryland; you are smart enough to be successful at Maryland! I look forward to talking with you.

Additional information and procedures re: Probation and Dismissal can be found on the Student Success Office webpage