Internships: Out-of-state

Internships: Out-of-state

Finding an internship near home (or far away!) is do-able when you begin preparing over Winter and Spring Breaks, e.g.,

  • Prepare a resume
  • Think about what kind of experience you want: inside/office work? outside/field work? science or library research? environmental education?
  • Talk to family and friends who may have suggestions, connections, or ideas

Explore search engines:

Generate your own list of possible sites:

  • Explore the websites of nearby colleges and universities -- especially career center pages or departmental websites (Biology; Government and Politics; Geography; Environmental Science, etc.)
  • Visit the websites of local environmental organizations and/or government offices.
  • Don't be afraid to approach organizations directly.  Be able to explain why their organization is of interest to you, e.g., you are an Environmental Science and Policy major interested in learning more about _______________ (fill in the blank) or developing your knowledge and skills in ______________ (fill in the blank).  Ask if they have projects that you could work on and/or whether they would be open to having an intern.

Or try these possibilities (organized: north --> south --> Chicago --> west):

  • Google: "environmental internships" + (Your state) or "environmental organizations" + (Your state).

Finally: Angela can help you identify internships and give guidance regarding cover letters, resumes, and proposals. Learn how to earn credit for your internship here.