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Internships: Policy

The organizations below are listed by "theme" to help you organize your search, not to define the organizations. Review the "About Us," "Mission," or "What We Do" pages within each organization's site to learn about the full range of its interests and activities. Always explore broadly and apply to several (10+) internships.

Agriculture & Farming



Energy & Sustainability

Government & Politics - Federal, State, Local


Land Conservation & Planning

Natural Resources, Conservation and Wildlife




Science Policy & Science Writing

Lots more!

  • BSOS blogs: ANTH, GEOG, GVPT, SOCY, ECON blogs list related internships and activities open to all students!
  • Careers4Terps - a database of jobs, part-time jobs, and internships; maintained by the University Career Center.
  • - a national database of service-oriented internships; you can search by state, ZIPCODE, interest area, etc.
  • - a national database of national parks opportunities; search for an area of interest or do a geographic search to travel!
  • USA Jobs - Pathways - for students and recent grads looking for internships in the federal government.
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