Undeclared in ENSP

"Undeclared" in ENSP

capAll incoming ENSP students begin as "Undeclared" in ENSP in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, where they explore concentrations and careers; internships, and campus activities.  Your advisor will help you choose courses that help you explore your interests while keeping options open. Students must meet for advising at least once each semester, but may meet as often as they wish.

ENSP "UNDECLARED" REQUIREMENTS (aka ENSP "Core")- these are the courses that are required for all students in ENSP.

These courses help students confirm their interest and identify possible areas of concentration to declare

Lower-level courses include:

At 40 credits completed, students develop a "graduation plan" and declare their concentration

  • Students may request a one-semester extension to confirm their interests, if needed.
  • Students with numerous AP credits may also request an extension.
  • Students who wish to declare ENSP who already have more than 40 credits completed must have a graduation plan in-hand at the time of their meeting with Angela. 

Need help with choosing a concentration?  Click HERE for some guidance.


Ms. Angela Mazur-Gray

Ms. Angela Mazur-Gray

Assistant Director, Environmental Science & Policy

(301) 405-5301

0216 Symons Hall