Probation - Things to Know & Do

Please KNOW:

  • Once your cumulative GPA falls below 2.000, you are placed on Academic Probation.
  • Students on Academic Probation need course-by-course permission to make drops/adds.
  • An advisor must approve Drops/Adds before you can Drop/Add from home.
  • If you would like to make schedule adjustments, please send me a specific request and include your UID, e.g., “Please give me permission to drop XXXX, and add YYYY.”
  • If you have completed more than 60 credits and are placed on Academic Probation, please contact me ASAP.  Two consecutive semesters on Probation after 60 credits results in Academic Dismissal. We want to discuss what is happening and deal with difficulties before they become this serious.

Please DO:

  • Plan to meet with me. Send 2-3 different days/times that are good for you to meet, so I can confirm one of them. We can also arrange telephone appointments if you live far from campus.
  • Use campus resources. Campus offices are open during Break -- but call ahead to be sure the relevant staff members are available and not at orientation sessions or away on vacation.
  • Relax, consider your academic goals and interests, and come back ready to do a better job next semester.

Consider registering for EDCP 108B:

  • The Study Strategies course can be taken for credit (as EDCP 108B) or as a non-credit workshop over Break.
  • It is also available as EDCP108B in the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • If study skills are not the issue, but exploring other majors is, consider EDCP108C.