Spring 2021 Advising

Ms. Angela Mazur-Gray will be on parental leave for the majority of the Spring 2021 semester, so she will be unavailable to meet for advising and registration and unavailable via email; however, we have a great team of individuals ready to assist you!  Below is some very important information regarding advising and registration services for ENSP, as well as preparing for the Fall 2021 semester.  Please read it carefully!


Undeclared ENSP Students (for those with less than 40 credits who have not yet declared a concentration):

  1. Please fill out the Preparing for your ENSP Advising Appointment form
  2. Review any previous advising notes in TerpEngage
  3. Make an appointment with an ENSP Student Advisory Board member, who will review your form and help you prepare your Fall 2021 classes.  They will also sign your Advising form.  Email to set aside a time to meet.
  4. Submit your Advising form to Ms. Heather Buchanan ( in the AGNR Academic Programs Office, who will remove your mandatory advising block so you can register for classes.   Please copy the ENSP Advisory Board member you met with on the email.

For those who have declared your ENSP concentration:

  • Continue to meet with the assigned faculty advisor for your area of concentration by following the instructions listed HERE.


Students will be able to opt in to courses that they wish to take on a pass/fail basis.

  • The Pass (“P”) mark will now include grades of C- or better; the “P” will no longer include grades of D+, D, and D-.
  • If a student earns a grade of D+, D, D-, or F, those grades will be recorded.
  • While the “P” does not have an impact on a student’s GPA, grades of D+, D, D-, and F will be factored into the GPA.
  • Students will be able to select the pass/fail grading method for up to seven (7) credits with automatic approval.
  • If special circumstances exist, students may request an additional course to be taken pass/fail with permission of their academic advisor and Dean via Policy Exception.
  • The “P” will count in Spring 2021 for any requirement, including courses in a major, minor, certificate, General Education, benchmark, or Limited Enrollment Program gateway (including courses that would ordinarily require a B-).

Faculty have been encouraged to keep in-course grades current, so students have a good idea of the grade they have earned in the course by the last day of classes. Faculty will assign grades in all courses and will therefore not be aware of which students choose the pass/fail option for any course.

For additional information on spring semester grading policies, please consult these FAQs.

The deadline for choosing the pass/fail grading option, as well as for dropping a course with a W, will be extended until 10:59 PM EST on May 11, 2021 (the last day of spring classes). There will be no changes to the grading method beyond this deadline and there will be no exceptions. Soon after the end of the schedule adjustment period, a web portal will be available through which students can select the grading method for their courses until the deadline noted above. 


  • If you want to register for a course that says, “by permission only,” go to the academic department offering the course. For example: students who wish to take GEOG courses that are required for your ENSP concentration, must contact the GEOG Advising Office for permission.
  • If you need permission for our 300-level ENSP courses, email Ms. Annette Spivy ( or ENSP Director Dr. Mark Carroll ( with your name and UID.  You must have at least 60 credits completed prior to taking these courses. 
  • If  you need permission for ENSP 400, email Ms. Annette Spivy ( or ENSP Director Dr. Mark Carroll ( with your name and UID.  You must have at least 90 credits completed; and be in your last or second-to-last semester. 
  • If you plan to earn credit for an internship via ENSP386, go here for information and procedures:


January 22, 2021:  Cancel registration or Change from Full-time to Part-Time (see Schedule Adjustment)

February 4, 2021Deadline to submit Internship Proposal for ENSP386 (if you're doing a SPRING internship, credit awarded in spring 2021)

February 5, 2021:  Last day of Schedule Adjustment.  This is the last day to:
   - Add a class
   - Drop a class without a "W"
   - Apply for Spring 2021 graduation (to apply go to "Graduation Application & Diploma Status" on

May 11, 2021: Deadline to choose Pass/Fail grading option for Spring 2021 classes.  Last day to drop a course with a "W" (see Drop Policy and Dropping with a "W" - Things to Know)

June 15, 2021Deadline to submit Internship Proposal for ENSP386 (if you're doing a SUMMER internship; credit awarded in summer 2021 or fall 2021)


Need help editing your plan?  Reach out to an ENSP Advisory Board mentor for peer advising:


Exceptions to academic policy include, but are not limited to:

  • Repeating a course (3rd attempt)
  • Late Add or Late Drop of a course
  • Credit overload (taking over 17 credits per semester)

To request an exception to policy, follow instructions listed HERE.


  • Approval of Restricted Electives: Contact the faculty advisor for your declared area of concentration. Be sure to include the course name, course description and an explanation as to how this course meets your academic and career goals.
  • Questions about "ENSP Core" requirements can be directed to ENSP Director Dr. Mark Carroll (


Interesting in changing your major to ENSP?  If so, click HERE!



Ready to declare your concentration? Great!  Please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Graduation Plan for your intended concentration
  2. Meet with a member of the ENSP Student Advisory Board to review and sign-off on your plan (email to set up an appointment)
  3. Email your signed graduation plan to Ms. Angela Mazur-Gray ( who will review your plan and process the concentration change.